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For exterior painting jobs, primers are particularly important. They’re the foundation for weather-resistance, sun-damage blockage, moisture and infestation retardation… key factors for making an exterior painting project long-lasting as well as beautiful. Let us help you select the primers that will work best for you.

Fresh Start® Premium Primers

Our complete line of premium primers ensures the best possible results by providing the proper foundation for every finish coat. Choose from specialty products that solve problems with stains, moisture damage, tannin bleeding and other common issues.


    Moorwhite® Exterior Wood Primer (100)

    An exterior long oil primer that penetrates deeply into wood surfaces and dries slowly enabling maximum adhesion even on weathered surfaces. Use as an exterior priming coat for unpainted wood, and previously painted weathered surfaces. Can be used under latex or later thinned paints, alkyd enamels, and house paints. Suitable for a variety of exterior surfaces such as sidewalls, trim, and shutters. (Limitations: not for use on Decks.)


    Exterior Wood Primer (094)

    This exterior alkyd primer is ideal for sealing new or previously coated wood. It provides excellent stain blocking for projects where cedar or redwood bleeding may be a problem. For exterior priming of new or previously coated wood, under light color stains and where cedar and redwood bleeding may be a problem.


    High-Hiding All Purpose Primer (046)

    A superior quality, interior/exterior 100% acrylic primer that delivers maximum hide and ensures uniform finish. It is the product of choice when a significant color change is required. It provides superior adhesion and is more forgiving over difficult substrates. Additionally, this product is effective in sealing and suppressing most bleeding type stains. In cases of severe bleeding, a solvent based primer should be used to prevent stains from reappearing.


    Multi-Purpose Oil Based Primer (024)

    An alkyd primer that is a universal favorite when a premium quality undercoater, sealer and stain blocking primer is needed. This primer was formulated for suppressing most bleeding type stains including crayon, graffiti, grease marks, tannin, water stains, rust stains, and smoke. It is quick drying with the ability to recoat in one hour.


    Multi-Purpose Latex Primer (023)

    A premium quality, 100% acrylic interior and exterior primer that combines many of the qualities desired in a primer: excellent adhesion and sealing properties with the added benefits of being low odor and quick drying. It provides the versatility required for all your interior and exterior project needs

Specialty & Commercial Primers

Benjamin Moore offers a variety of specialty and commercial primers to ensure the best possible results for your project.


    Sure Seal™ Latex Primer Sealer

    A high-quality, 100% acrylic latex primer designed for a wide range of interior and exterior projects. It delivers strong adhesion for all surfaces and excellent stain blocking and resistance in a low odor/low VOC formula.

Super Spec HP Primers

Benjamin Moore offers a broad range of Super Spec HP primers to ensure the best possible results for whatever finish coat you choose. These quick dry universal primers are formulated to use under many generic finish coats.


    Super Spec HP® Universal Alkyd Metal Primer P07

    This quick dry universal primer is formulated for use under many generic types of finish coats. It offers excellent rust inhibition and good adhesion. The coating serves as a barrier coat which will keep hot solvent from attacking conventional coatings. This primer performs well when priming is essential before the generic type of the finish coat has been chosen.


    Super Spec HP® Alkyd Metal Primer P06

    Interior/Exterior primer for ferrous metal substrates such as structural steel, metal buildings, fences, equipment, stairs, railings, and general maintenance painting. Provides excellent long term corrosion control and outstanding adhesion properties. The ability to penetrate provides good performance over hand or power tool cleaned surfaces.


    Super Spec HP® Acrylic Metal Primer P04

    This unique waterborne, acrylic primer minimizes flash rusting and protects steel from corrosion. Its low odor formula is ideal for use on interior and exterior ferrous and galvanized metal. This primer can be applied to slightly damp surfaces and adheres well to most hard to coat substrates. It can also be used to prime masonry substrates.